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SmeRuci Ambassadors

Join our team!

We are looking for unique characters with a unique style to represent and promote our brand. Our vision is "The creation of a unique style in visual arts through the combination of multidisciplinary techniques and the use of this human expression as a tool for personal and spiritual growth".
Our concept of beauty in the world of forms must resonate also in the world of causes, the fine one, where the human being is near his/her Spiritual dimension. We would like the opportunity to work with creative people and build collaboration bridges! We see the figure of ambassadorship as a very important element in our activity with a lot of benefits for both parties.  If you are still interested in being an ambassador, please fill out the application below and allow 1-2 weeks for a follow-up. Feel free to reach out through Instagram @SmeRuci or email us at if you have any questions. We look forward to knowing you!

Requirements To Apply
  • Must be 18 years or older

  • Must be very active on Instagram and other social media platforms (at least 3 posts a week)

  • Must have a style that resonates with SmeRuci page and creations (#boho, #hippie, #fantasy)

  • Must have an active following of 3000+ 

  • Must be following SmeRuci on all platforms:

  1. Instagram: @smeruci

  2. Facebook: SmeRuci (optional)

  3. Pinterest: SmeRuci (optional)

  4. YouTube: SmeRuci

Ambassador Benefits
  • A personal coupon code that allows for 10% sale on every item in our shop

  • 10% sales commission from your coupon code that will be sent to you via PayPal

  • When you shop on SmeRuci using your coupon code, you get 20% sale on every item throughout the entire time you are an ambassador

  • 5% sales commission in the form of shop credit (that you can use to buy accessories from SmeRuci)

  • Constant support on your Instagram page from SmeRuci. (Share, Tag, Shoutouts)

How It Works
  • You will receive a personalized coupon code for you to share with friends, family, followers, etc. 

  • This coupon code will be for 10% off their entire order (except ON SALE accessories)

  • You can share this code as often as you like above the expected minimum and through platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Youtube, Snapchat, Email, Text, etc.

  • Create quality/ unique product content to share on your social media. This content may be featured on SmeRuci's website or social media accounts.

  • 2 story/posts per week on Instagram of SmeRuci context (posts, stories or of your personal SmeRuci possessions) while also tagging @smeruci

  • Like, Comment and stay as much as you can active at SmeRuci Instagram profile

  • Participate in and/or share SmeRuci giveaways 

  • Allow SmeRuci to use the content you create on different platforms and projects


We will try our best to share your content constantly on our stories, like your posts, comment, and support you! The main reason for this collaboration is to grow together! 

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