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Our motivation

The creations of Smeruci are made of four main techniques:

Knotting, Painting, Sculpting, Soldering

It is easy to imagine the materials we use are mainly strings, oil or acrylic colors, polymer clay, and solder. To give even more natural elements to our accessories and offer not only an aesthetic function but also a well-defined purpose, we add different crystals of great energy attraction.


As inspiration for our creations, we nourish everything that nature offers in its magnificent manifestation.  We come from an ancient tradition and culture of the Albanian people which as a precious piece of the puzzle is added to the widest range of ancient civilizations. We see ourselves attracted from trends refined in bringing in a personalized style concept and idea into an artistic composition such as Boho and Hippie style. This form of expression comes from an inner appeal to the pure pleasure of creating. We get constantly inspired by wonderful artists all over the world, from everyday life and from all those people who have apprised and dressed our accessories.  Our desire is to create something and share it with others and use handmade work as an instrument for the growth of our consciousness. Improving our creativity in quality is one of the permanent goals throughout our work.


Creating a unique style and be identified by our followers has driven us to explore and experiment with new achievements. The image we represent is an important component, especially in this communication era. For that, image cure in all the components of SmeRuci's communication is an identifying and very important element. Being original and trustworthy in what we serve is a goal that SmeRuci has in mind and will not stop at any moment to realize it.


SmeRuci Shop is an activity that offers through the virtual shop, hand-made Boho, Hippie, Fantasy products such as body accessories for various categories: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. We also explore our creativity in creating elements of decor, installations, murals, etc. Our activity lasts only for a few years but we are already proud of the results that give us the greatest boost for doing better. We are proud to have brought our products to 5 continents, 110 countries not only for the pleasure of selling but above all, as a way to be in touch with the whole world.


Meet The Team


Smeralda Lami

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30 years old, born in Tirana (Albania)

To understand my nature it would be enough just a few minutes to take a look at those few things that I keep from childhood… Sometimes it becomes a little difficult to express my feelings through words, for this a sketch was thrown almost thoughtless on a notebook page or corner. Painting has been the most comfortable tool for me to express my nature, that's why I earned the nickname "little artist" when I was s child. I managed to express this passion even in the period when I saw myself in the mirror full of shyness as I painted my lips red with pink for the first time. Makeup and nail treatment would be done for some period of time expressing painting and sculpture as an early passion. Then little by little, buying the first acrylics and canvas, I wrapped the brush in my hands after so long. That moment would mark an artistic growth process that would follow the approach to handicrafts in body accessories. The weaving of Smeruci's bracelets began to be a ritual of self-interweaving. Graduated in architecture I was able to experiment and learn how art, technique, abstraction and rationalism can stand in perfect harmony together. A harmony that I try to express in Smeruci's creations as well.


Rudens Konomi

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35 years old, born in Berat (Albania)

 I have always had a special connection with handicrafts. From an early age, when the hands were just getting used to calligraphy, they had gained a lot of experience with various works in sewing, knitting, painting, and sculpture. Every object in my eyes especially recycled pieces were a motive to create something beautiful. Well to create something, it was the main motive that brought me closer to the craft. It took a long time to get back to this old passion but this time with a different, more complete perspective. Graduated in Geophysical Engineering, handicrafts became a bridge between profession and passion, as multicolored crystals are an important part of Smeruci's products. Passionate about art as the most original form of human expression and nature as a reflection of human spiritual beauty, I try to express part of my experiences through artisanal creations in Smeruci.



Oh my god! What an amazing talisman! I absolutely adore this necklace, I’ve worn it so much already, the cord doesn’t come unknotted, the stone is beautiful, and the backing seems durable! Well worth the wait for international shipping. Thank you so much!


Woooow really in love! I really like it a lot and it’s strong and well made! Really good quality!


I just received this in the mail and it is absolutely beautiful, couldn’t be any more pleased. Definitely recommend to anyone considering a purchase from this shop 💕

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