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How to choose the right Crystals or Gemstones for you?

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Crystals and Gemstones have been our companions for a very long time! They have been used in jewelry, clothing, and furniture since the beginning of mankind, and traces of them can be found in ancient Egypt, the Roman empire, Aztec, etc. In this blog post, we will be discussing how to choose which of the many different crystals and gemstones is the right one for you...

  • In the photo above is shown an Amethyst crystal ball and a raw Amethyst Geode.

You can find a lot of articles and posts on the internet showing the different crystals associated with your zodiac sign, specific intentions, different illnesses, or even spell work. And they can all be true and very interesting, but, the only concern we (@SmeRuci) have, is that it has become a way to manipulate people into buying certain products, or increase the value of specific gemstones and crystals. With the new age movement and more people being interested in spirituality, there has been a rise in sales regarding articles related to crystals and gemstones, and the most effective way of selling these items is to please the EGO. By saying that this crystal belongs to YOU because you are an Aries or an Aquarius, it makes you automatically drawn on having something with this specific crystal, and POOF, you made a purchase. But is this truly the right way?

This is a very controversial topic in the realm of crystal shops because anything that involves beliefs, personal feelings, and experiences, is ambiguous. Therefore on different sites, you can find different descriptions, properties, and uses for the same crystal. What is true and what is false? Nobody can say it for certain... Because every one of us is unique, therefore, everyone has their own experiences with different crystals and gemstones.


So how are we supposed to choose the right one?

All Crystal healing experts unite in this, being the best way to choose the crystal that you need, and is right for you. Without knowing anything regarding the specific properties of specific crystals, go into a crystal shop. See all the different Crystals and Gemstones displayed there, and feel which one you are drawn more into. You can just look at them or if it is possible with much care, touch them and see what feelings it brings to you. Whichever one you like more is the right one! Only YOU have the right power to choose the Crystal you need in that specific time of your life.

I know right? Such a un climax moment!

  • In the photo above are shown Amethyst crystal ball, raw Amethyst Geode, raw Malachite specimen, Rings from SmeRuci with Labradorite, Amethyst, and Moonstone

If you still want to have some simple guides before buying a crystal for you or your home, we will give you some tips. Black crystals and gemstones are usually protective, Clear or white crystals and gemstones are usually purifying / healing, the colorful crystals are usually associated with the 7 Chakras of our body.

  • Purple Crystals/Gemstones for Crown Chakra

  • Deep Blue Crystals/Gemstones for Third Eye Chakra

  • Light Blue Crystals/Gemstones for Throat Chakra

  • Green Crystals/Gemstones for the Heart Chakra

  • Yellow Crystals/Gemstones for Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Orange Crystals/Gemstones for the Sacral Chakra

  • Red Crystals/Gemstones for the Root Chakra

The most used and popular Crystals / Gemstones and their main properties are as below:

  • Amethyst => the crystal of clarity.

  • Rose Quartz => the crystal of love.

  • Clear Quartz => Master Healer.

  • Tourmaline => Best bodyguard against negative energy.

  • Labradorite => The protector of our Aura.

  • Celestite => the crystal of Angels.

  • Citrine => The crystal of Joy and Prosperity.

  • Tiger's Eye => The gemstone of Good Luck.

  • Moonstone => the stone of Balance and Intuition.

  • Smoky Quartz => Grounding and Protection.

  • Lava Stone => Strengthen connection with mother Earth.

  • Amazonite => Balances Male Female energy

There are lots of other Crystals and Gemstones but there is also a lot of information you can find on the internet. We suggest you first pick out your Crystal / Gemstone and then make a research regarding its meaning and properties.


There are different ways you can work with your Crystal or Gemstone of choice. You can buy a raw Specimen and display it on a specific part of your house, buy small pebble crystals/gemstones to keep around in your pocket or in your house, or our favorite way is, to buy jewelry with crystals and gemstones so you can wear them. Pendants, Amulets, rings, and bracelets with crystals and gemstones have been used since ancient times. They are quite handy to keep your favorite crystal with you all the time while adorning your body at the same time. You can use them also for different practices like meditation or yoga.

With one jewelry item, you can have more than one Crystal / Gemstone. We incorporate them using different techniques like macrame, sculpting, soldering, carving, etc. If you are interested in jewelry designs like the ones shown above, visit our SmeRuci shop by clicking here.

We hope that this article was helpful to you somehow. We thought to make it because we would like to focus more on the magical part of crystals/gemstones rather than the materialistic aspect. It would be more beneficial to our sales if we used the crystal properties as a strategy to sell, but we choose to focus more on the design and work behind the creations of our jewelry. The crystals and gemstones are a very beautiful and magical extra...

Love and Light from SmeRuci...

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