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When you see this necklace, the feeling it gives is as if it came out of a fairytale, it is brought directly from Liza in the World of Wonders , as if for a moment a small fairy will come and say:
What about my shoe?
And if you were in Iceland, people there would probably believe that this shoe was stolen from a small Fairy. No wonder Iceland is known as the Fairy land, and the people there have a lot of history with them.
While elves are born as a bridge between humans and deities, at certain moments they are closer to people by helping them in both forms of dualism, good and bad. They say that they like to play games, and if you lose something in front of your eyes, it is the work of elves who want to play. If you will be in touch, you just need to shake the bell and it will draw their attention.

Fairy shoe sculpted necklace with raw Amethyst

$45,00 Regular Price
$36,00Sale Price
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