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For a certain generation, Nils Holgersson's series is a living cult whose story has touched the hearts of many children. One of his many adventures was the moment when Nilsi needed a pair of new shoes because the ones he had already been consumed. And as for synchronity, he knows a shoemaker who lovingly makes a new pair. That shoemaking scene that attempts to create the little ones of Nils through the thick fingers is inspired by the creation of the "Opinga with Xhufka", as well as the traditions of opinga shoes characteristic of the ancient Albanian population, inspired this necklace.
The fairy who "condemned" Nils to become with small stature ... on the other hand gave him the opportunity to communicate with the animals that represent the emotional plan.
In this case we wanted to put an entirely original tassel of crystal amethyst, stylized in sculpture, painted by hand and accompanied by small zircon stones.
We have created the necklace strings with different beads such as Amethyst, Sandalwood and Hematite. The strings are accompanied by a series of well-liked numbers of beads to bring a truly unique piece.

Geany shoe sculpted necklace with raw Amethyst

$40,00 Regular Price
$32,00Sale Price
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